We build systems to help clients understand the radio environment.

Distributed Spectrum develops spectrum monitoring technologies to monitor critical infrastructure and enhance RF situational awareness.

Meet the team

Alex Wulff

Alex has a background in circuit design, signal processing, and radio communications. He developed sensor systems and electronic warfare technologies at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and wrote a textbook on radio systems.

headshot of Ben Harpe

Ben Harpe

Ben has worked as an engineering intern at Microsoft and Bridgewater Associates and served as Director of a 122-member fully student-run consulting group. He has also led a company with over $1M+ in annual revenue.

Headshot of Isaac Srtuhl

Isaac Struhl

Isaac has worked in neurobiology research, computational biology, and machine learning. He also has industry experience as a lead software developer at a small media startup, director of operations for the Harvard College Consulting Group, a large student-run nonprofit, and as a software engineer at Google.

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