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The simple, flexible solution for RF sensing

Experience actionable, non-technical insights from the radio spectrum in real-time with small, inexpensive, and flexible sensors

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Product features

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Deploy sensors

The same small, light, and efficient sensor can be placed anywhere: unmanned or manned vehicles, carried by personnel or left behind in the field.

Signal characterization
and localization

Classify and localize signals of interest in real-time.

Software platform ready
for integration

Software and outputs designed to be quickly integrated with a wide variety of interfaces such as ATAK and MAVLINK.

No technical expertise

Sensors are simple and intuitive to deploy and configure - just plug-and-play.

Runs on commercial

off-the-shelf hardware

Sensor component are inexpensive, readily available, and can be easily swapped out to meet different mission requirements

Signature-reduced operation

Sensors can communicate over low-bandwidth LPI links or operate with complete signature reduction for data to later be collected locally.

Multiple days of
battery life

Sensors are optimized for energy-efficiency and can run for days using only a small USB battery bank

Low SWaP-C

Sensors are extremely cost-effective and are configured in form factors conducive to actual mission requirements.

Passive signature detection

Sensor can run completely passively with all processing performed locally and data offloaded via a wire or when a connection is available.

Signal processing at the edge

Each sensor comes equipped with our suite of algorithms for powerful signal analysis without any network connection on resource-constrained hardware.

System integrations

Data and alerts are stored in common formats, easily convertible to any platform and use-case. ATAK and MAVLINK fully supported.

System compatibilities

ATAK integration

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See our real-time spectrum monitoring system in action. In any radio environment, our low SWaP-C sensors can provide critical situational awareness and actionable alerts.

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