Modular, ultra-low-cost RF spectrum monitoring

How it Works

We build a low-cost and scalable platform that gives users a complete picture of their RF environments.

Process Data at the Edge

Our sensors can ingest and process data locally while working together to collaboratively monitor an area.

Integrate with Existing Information Systems

Our system’s outputs are highly flexible, ranging from raw data to simple alerts (e.g. “interfering transmitter detected at X location”). Little setup time is required to integrate these outputs with your existing information system.

Reduce Costs

We designed our algorithms to work with a broad range of commodity sensing and computing hardware. This hardware-agnostic design drastically lowers deployment costs for every use case.

Operate Across a Variety of Environments

Our sensor system is highly-scalable: the same software that operates a sensor network in a single building can operate a sensor network across an entire city. Sensors can also operate individually, providing local RF situational awareness.

Adaptive to Your Needs

a simple line drawing of industrial buildings

Industrial Facilities

Immediately detect and localize interfering transmitters and monitor the health of radio communications infrastructure.

a simple line drawing of military defense buildings


Gain real-time RF situational awareness through a modular and interoperable platform.

a simple line drawing of city buildings

Urban Spectrum Monitoring

Test propagation conditions or detect and track RF devices across an urban environment.

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